PhotoRedOx Box TC (Temperature Controlled) Description:

The EvoluChem™ PhotoRedOx Box TC photoreactor (US Patent #10,906,022) enables photo-catalytic reactions at controlled temperatures between 0°C to 80°C. The design is based on our original PhotoRedOx Box which features a unique reaction chamber geometry that directs light throughout the chamber, allowing the performance of multiple reaction conditions simultaneously (between 2 and 32 depending on the reaction vial sizes). However, with the aluminum-based, waterproof PhotoRedOx TC, it is possible to heat and cool the reaction medium using a thermostatic fluid (such as water or ethylene glycol) that recirculates through a standard chiller/heater unit.


  • Photochemistry chamber to evenly distribute light
  • Fits many light sources (EvoluChem 18W or Kessil blue 34W)
  • Flexible format vials (from 0.05 ml to 15 ml)
  • Photochemistry chamber to evenly distribute light
  • External recirculator needed to heat or chill reaction vessel
  • Flow reactor available
  • Magnetic stirring on standard stirring plate

PhotoRedOx Box TC (Temperature Controlled) Schematic

Featured Heater/Chiller Unit

Julabo Corio 200F

While most common chiller/heater units can be used with the PhotoRedOx Box TC, for USA/Canada clients we can offer the Julabo Corio 200F unit which works perfectly with our instrument.

Please contact us for more information.

Light Temperature Effect on Conversion

Isopropyl Molander

Experimental Details: Reaction performed in Evoluchem Photoredox Temperature control bath with circulating polyethylene glycol/water bath and an EvoluChem 18W 6200K white light for 2 hr. Reaction contains 50 µmol substrate, 1.5 equiv. RBF3K, 2 equiv. K2S2O8, 5 equiv. TFA and 2 mol% Ir(dF-CF3-ppy)2(dtbpy) in 0.5 ml DMSO.

Light transmission in fluids

We investigated the possible influence of liquids on the light transmission. Water or ethylene glycol do not affect photoredox experiments.

fluid spectrum

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