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PhotoReactor Setup
Interest in photochemistry has been growing exponentially in recent...
Amide Coupling in Medicinal Chemistry
In recent years, amide coupling has become the most frequently used...
Evaluating Light Sources in Photochemistry
Light sources used in photochemical reactions are labeled and evaluated...
Determining Photon Flux Using Actinometry
Few scientists who are including photochemical reactions in their...
A Standard Ferrioxalate Actinometer Protocol
Before We Begin... This post is an overview of how we perform a...
Electron Donor-Acceptor (EDA) Complexes in Photochemistry
Electron Donor-Acceptor (EDA) Complexes in Photochemistry The...
Red Light Applications in Photochemistry
Near-Infrared (NIR) Light Gaining Interest For most of the previous...
Multi-photon excitation
Multi-Photon Approaches to Synthetic Photochemistry
Multi-photon approaches to synthetic photochemistry expand the potential...
Photochemistry Starter Bundle
Photochemistry 101, Part I: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started
Quick Introduction Photochemistry is conquering the world of synthetic...

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