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EvoluChem™ PhotoRedOx Box


Screen easily with standardized format

Our original photoreactor with its patented design is compatible with most vial formats and its compact design allows for use with any stirring plate. A built-in fan keeps the reaction conditions at room temperature.

The choice for…
the chemist who seeks to standardize laboratory photochemical setups economically. A flexible design allows interchangable LED from 365 to 740 nm and a wide variety of vials

EvoluChem™ PhotoRedOx Duo


Screen with double the workflow

The PhotoRedOx Duo uses the same patented concept as our original photoreactor but doubles the capacity and includes an additional reaction chamber. The Duo can hold double the capacity as the single box.

The choice for…
the chemist who seeks higher reaction capacity and increased light intensity than found in the PhotoRedOx box

EvoluChem™ PhotoRedOx TC


Screen with Temperature Control

Based on the same design as the PhotoRedOx Box, the TC version with a standard chiller/heater unit (not included) makes it possible to perform photocatalytic reactions with temperatures controlled from 0°- 80°C.

The choice for…
the chemist who wants control over the temperature of their reaction while keeping the flexibility and control of the PhotoRedOx Box



Screen, batch,
and flow

The next generation in photoreactors. The first reactor to allow screen to scale, batch and flow in one device with unparrallel control over wavelength, light intensity and temperature control.

The choice for…
the chemist serious about understanding all the factors necessary to
take reaction from
screen to scale in batch and flow. The most advanced photoreactor available anywhere

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