HepatoChem Services

Since 2008, HepatoChem has been offering metabolite production to pharmaceutical companies. We designed an unique with chemical catalysts that mimics oxidative metabolism and glucuronidation.

We also designed a platform for CH functionalization including fluorination and alkylation reactions using photochemistry.

Additionally we provide support for metabolism study, bioanalysis and CMC.

Metabolite Production

  • HepatoChem developed extensive experience in metabolite production using chemically based platform.
    • We can produce oxidative metabolites and glucuronide metabolites when other failed


    Late Stage Functionalization

    • HepatoChem developed a C-H activation chemistry platform to perform fluorination, alkylation and diversification of small molecule


    • Met-ID study
    • In-vitro stability study
    • parent qunatification in plasma and tissues

    LC/MS Analysis

    • Method development
    • Impurity analysis
    • Stability/solubility study


    • LC/MS/UV: Waters Quattro/Agilent HPLC
    • High Resolution MS: Thermo Q-Exactive
    • Small molecule purification: Prep HPLC Varian/Grace

    HepatoChem’s Advantages

    • Turnaround time/Reactivity
    • Flexibility
    • Problem solving
    • FTE or FFS contract

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