Photochemistry Starter Bundle

Advances in photochemistry continue to arrive on a regular basis, enabling new and efficient pathways to key chemical synthesis reactions and techniques, including multiple C-C cross-coupling options, C-N cross-coupling, and otherwise difficult C-O cross-coupling.

Photochemistry Starter Bundle

Our Photochemistry Starter Bundle includes our PhotoRedOx Box photoreactor, two LEDs (365PF and 450PF), two vial holders (8x4ml and 8x8ml), four test reactions and safety glasses.

EvoluChem’s Photochemistry Starter Bundle includes everything you need to further explore the opportunities inherent with photochemical reactions. The Starter Bundle includes our standard photoreactor, two LED light sources, two vial holders, four sample reactions and UV safety glasses.

The Photochemistry Starter Bundle Includes:
1x Photoreactor EvoluChem PhotoRedOx Box
2x LED Light Sources EvoluChem 365PF, 450PF
(HCK1012-01-011, HCK1012-01-002)
2x Vial Holders 8 x 4ml, 8 x 8ml
(HCK1006-01-019, HCK1006-01-020)
4x Sample Reactions See Below
1x UV Safety Glasses Skyper Eyewear, Orange Lens, Polycarbonate

Four Sample Reactions to Get Your Started…

Using Bromoacetophenone as a test substrate, we have organized four reaction conditions to explore photocatalysis. These
reactions are well documented in the scientific literature and have been consistently reproduced with the Starter Bundle
equipment. The reactions represent foundational cross-coupling photochemistry including two C-C cross-coupling reactions
(one with amino acid decarboxylation and one with BF3K reagent), C-N cross-coupling and C-O cross-coupling.Each of the following reaction kits contains four (4) vials with reagents and catalysts and one (1) vial with the test compounds
(4-Bromoacetophenone). Once you have successfully performed the test reaction you will be able to use the remaining three
(3) reaction vials for your own bromo substrates.

CC-cross-coupling-amino-acid CC-cross-coupling-BF3K
CO-cross-coupling CN-cross-coupling

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Hepatochem offers a variety of photochemistry reactors and accessories that are used throughout the world to explore chemical conditions. All of our reactors are compatible with most vial formats and stirring plates. We also offer several photochemistry screening kits for calibration and accuracy.

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