Salts such as weak bases are omnipresent in organic chemistry. The conversion rate of a reaction can be greatly affected depending on the salt. While it is easy to weigh K2CO3 or Na2CO3, salts such as Cs2CO3 or K3PO4 are more difficult to handle when the reaction conditions require anhydrous solution.
No need for glove box
When you want to test a hydroscopic salt you need to be able to weigh them in moisture free environment which requires the use of a isolation equipment such as a glove bag or a glove box. Because glove box is not common in organic synthesis laboratories; Therefore, chemists often pass on important salts such as potassium phosphate or cesium carbonate.
Using pre-filled reaction vials
Pre-filled reaction vials allow to handle hydroscopic salts without the need for an isolation chamber. By simply injecting your reaction solution through the septum using a syringe you can try multiple salts and optimize your chemistry.
We manufacture pre-filled in controlled environment and offer several vial formats that could fit any type of reaction setup. You can conveniently screen every relevant salts in one experiment.


  • Reaction vials pre-filled with reagents and stir bar.
  • Multiple format and vials available
  • Microwave or conventional heating
  • Pre-designed or custom arrays available
  • Reagents are packaged under inert atmosphere

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