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Our BMO kits enable, in three simple steps, synthesis of metabolites directly from the parent drug.


HepatoChem has developed a revolutionary way to screen, optimize, and produce metabolites directly from drug candidates. The BMO Kit exploits an optimized panel of catalytic chemical reaction conditions using organometallic catalysts in a multi-well parallel format. This tool mimics the suite of cytochrome P450 enzymes (CYP) present in human hepatocytes, offering the researcher a unique synthetic chemical liver.

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Exciting new technology speeds up metabolite study:

  • Produce drug metabolites in days, not months.
  • Exclusive process produces large quantities of metabolites.
  • Rapid, inexpensive scale up for NMR and invitro testing.
  • Eliminate complex and costly synthetic chemistries.
  • Easy to implement – compatible with any existing workflow.

HepatoChem Technology

Our innovative approach is based on a diverse panel of chemical conditions that mimics the main reactions occurring during drug metabolism. This panel, which utilizes biomimetic catalysts, including metalloporphyrins, is used to quickly find reaction conditions that generate target drug metabolites.

The HepatoChem tool, basically a chemical liver, is analogous to the panel of cytochromes P450 present in the human liver, but with the advantage of the scalability of chemistry. When a reaction condition is identified, it is optimized and scaled up to produce mg quantities of metabolites. Our series of easy-to-use kits is suitable for the preparation of metabolites for both MSMS and NMR.

Possible Biotransformation Reactions:

  • Aliphatic Hydroxylation
  • N- and O-Dealkylation
  • N- and S-Oxidation
  • Cleavage and rearrangement
  • Formylation


BMO™ Biomimetic Oxidation Kits


Cat #: HCK1001-01


Cat #: HCK1001-02


Cat #: HCK1001-03

Step 1: Perform the primary screen.  Select desired metabolite wells.  Order corresponding optimization kit. Step 2: Perform the optimization kit. Identify best production conditions. Order corresponding production kit. Step 3: Scale-up and isolate your metabolite.
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Key Benefits:

  • Fast
  • Inexpensive
  • Rapid optimization
  • Reproducible
  • Scaleable to mg
  • Convenient room temperature reagents
  • Easy to use


“The BMO kits are extremely easy to use and the phone support is friendly and helpful. The catalysts produce products seen in the biological degradation of our research compounds. This is achieved without complex cell mixtures or traditional synthetic work-ups. Truly a revolutionary product.”
– Mark M. Irving, Ph.D., Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


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