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The EvoluChem™ kits are chemistry screening kits. They are the ideal tools for the investigation of chemical reaction conditions. It enables you to conveniently screen multiple reaction conditions simultaneously using pre-weighed  catalysts and reagents. The kit contains all reagents and supplies to perform the reaction conditions.
Amide Coupling
Palladium & Copper Catalyzed Amination
 CH Functionalization


C-H Activation Platform

Based on our approach of organometallic catalysis, we developed and implemented a fast and efficient platform dedicated to the production of metabolites and analogues of drug candidates.

Metabolite Synthesis

Chemical Diversity

Metabolite Production
Analogue Generation
Early SAR of Complex Structure
Fluorination of lead compound
Direct access to a wide range of chemical modifications:

HepatoChem’s innovative technology uses biomimetic catalysts to mimic oxidative metabolism and allow for metabolite synthesis. These catalysts are as selective as microsomes or hepatocytes yet they have the advantage of enabling us to produce metabolites in milligram quantities. With this unique system, we can produce metabolites faster and with greater cost-effectiveness than possible with any other available technology. Furthermore, we can not only profile metabolites, but can directly elucidate compound structure through NMR and biological profiling. HepatoChem is a scientifically driven company combining innovation, fundamental chemistry and industrial processes.The HepatoChem team offers an expert level of practical experience and know-how in total respect of confidentiality.banner lab 600-2

Client Testimonials

“We evaluated multiple in-vitro techniques for isolation and identification of metabolites of drug development candidate compounds, based on cost, match to known in-vitro and in-vivo profiles, yields and selectivity. Hepatochem’s biomimetic catalysis approach gave the best results for our compounds.”

“I reached out to HepatoChem based on a recommendation from a former colleague.  HepatoChem’s team was quick to respond and tailor the proposal to our needs offering multiple experimental and pricing options.  Their proposal and expected outcome were realistic and they delivered beyond my expectation with regards to flexibility and timing.  I was most impressed with the communication flow and their ability to respond to our specific needs real time.  It was clear to me that HepatoChem’s scientists were scientifically vested in this project.  Overall, my experience with HepatoChem was positive and I would consider working with them again should the need arise.”

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