Power Measurement in the Lucent360™

To measure the effective irradiation of samples in the Lucent360™, we performed actinometric experiments with several vial configurations. Actinometry is the ideal method to determine how many photons penetrate a reaction vial. The results depend on the geometry of the vial, the reaction volume and the position relative to the light sources. We use a solution of ferrioxalate which is sensitive to light from 365 nm to 475 nm. The Fe3+ is reduced to Fe2+ . The amount of produced Fe2+ is proportional
to the number of photons absorbed by the solution. It is possible to determine the photon flux absorbed by an actinometric solution. You can learn more about actinometry here:

In the Lucent360™ we performed several preliminary measurements, and we determined this effective power and photon flux.

See below measurements at 450 nm.

Volume Vial Measured Effective Power Measured Photon Flux Light Configuration
2 ml 4 ml 1 W 4×10-6 Einsten/s
10 ml 20 ml 5 W 19×10-6 Einsten/s
100 ml 700 ml (Reactor) 40 W 150×10-6 Einsten/s


For reference the irradiation in a PhotoRedOx Box reaches 0.35W for 2 ml into a 4 ml vial.

More actinometry results will be disclosed in the coming weeks.

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