Vial Holders


These holders are designed for our PhotoRedOx Box HCK1006-01-016, our PhotoRedOx DUO HCK1006-01-023, and our PhotoRedOx TC HCK1006-01-025. They are compatible with most vial formats (0.3 ml, 2 ml, 4 ml and 20 ml vials). (Patent Pending)

Fit multiple vial sizes

32 X 0.3 ml vials


cripped cap vial 6X32 mm

8 X 2 ml vials


HPLC vial 12X32 mm

8 X 4 ml vials


1DRAM vial 15X45mm

8 X 8 ml vials


2DRAM vial 17X60mm

2 X 20 ml vials


Scintillation vial 28X61mm

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