Light Protective Devices

Safety Glasses (HCK1015-01-001)

Skyper Eyewear, Orange Lens, Polycarbonate, UVextreme AF, Black Frame, TPU, UVEX / Honeywell S1933X

Safety Glasses

Catalog number: HCK1015-01-001

Protective Screen (HCK1015-01-002)

This screen is designed to fit in standard chemistry hood and limit direct exposition to photochemical light.


Catalog number: HCK1015-01-002

This plexiglass color is 100% effective of blocking all ultraviolet wavelengths. It cuts off light at the 540 wavelength and works great for UV curing operations.


Light Proofing Upgrade (HCK1006-01-026)

The PhotoRedOx Box has been designed to limit the exposure to light during experiment. However when using light spectrum below 500 nm, repetitive exposure to light should be avoided. In addition to personal protective equipment, we offer upgrade kit to dramatically reduce the light leaking from the device.



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