EvoluChem Chemistry Screening Kit Supplies

EvoluChem Starter Kit


This kit contains 1 reaction block (holds 24x 2ml vials, 32X 0.3ml vials, 4X 1 Dram vials), 1 decapper for 8 mm crimped vials and a single 100 µl syringe.

Reaction Block


1 reaction block (24x 2ml vial, 32x 0.3ml vial, 4x 2Dram vial)

Reaction Block 96 Vials


1 reaction block (96x 0.3ml vial)

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Reaction Block 2 ml Vials


1 reaction block (48x 2 ml vial)

6 mm vials 0.3 ml


100x 0.3 ml reaction vials (6 mm OD)

Crimp caps for 6 mm vial


100x Crimp Caps 8 mm diameter for 0.3 ml reaction vial

Micro stir bar 2 x 2  mm


50x Stir bar 2x2mm for 0.3 ml reaction vial

Micro stir bar 2 x 7  mm


50x Stir bar 2x7mm for 2 ml reaction vial

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