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Efficiency analysis of EvoluChem™and KitAlysis™
chemistry screening kits.


Current practices are time consuming and often ineffective. It normally takes days to prepare and perform an experiment that could possibly fail. Ordering a kit allows you to skip the need for literature surveying and experimental design. Indeed, chemistry screening kits save significant amounts of time by allowing you to screen multiple reactions at once.


There’s often a lack of options when an initial reaction fails. Using screening kits, you’re more likely to have successful experiments, more efficient, effective research methods and fewer experiment failures.


With a screening kit, you can screen countless reactions simultaneously without needing a glove-box to manipulate sensitive reagents. While KitAlysis™ kits use an inertion box to maintain an inert atmosphere for sensitive cross-coupling reactions, EvoluChem™ kits contains independently capped reaction conditions in an inert atmosphere which do not require using inertion equipment.


Using the KitAlysis™ screening kit, one must use a slurry to measure salt bases and then add to the reaction condition. Once completed within the nitrogen-based inertion box, the user must cap and fasten a lid onto the condition. On average, this is a twenty-step process. EvoluChem™ kits come with pre-weighed reagents and catalysts. With this method, the user only needs to add the substrate and apply heat to the condition. Since nitrogen has been applied to these independently capped conditions, no inertion is required by the user.


The KitAlysis™ screening kits offer 24 microscale reactions in parallel, capped with a single plate. These kits fit within the KitAlysis™ reaction block, specifically designed for the inertion box. Emphasizing independently capped conditions, EvoluChem™ offers customized kits to meet your very specific needs. In most cases, users can perform 40+ reaction conditions using a customized EvoluChem™ screening kit. 

Kitalysis is a trademark from Millipore Sigma
EvoluChem is a trademak from HepatoChem

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