Copper Catalyzed Amination Kit

(Ullmann reaction)


Product overview:

The Copper catalyzed amination kits  is the ideal tools for the investigation of Ullmann reaction conditions. This enables to conveniently screen multiple reaction conditions simultaneously using pre-weighed catalysts and reagents. We offer pre-selected arrays of precatalysts and salts or custom arrays depending on your needs.




Key variables


  • Copper Source: CuI
  • Ligands: Phenanthroline, S-Proline, 1,2 cyclohexanediamine, N,N’dimethylethylenediamine, Isobutyrylcyclohexanone
  • Base: K2CO3, Cs2COand K3PO4
  • Solvent: DMF, DMSO, dioxane or acetonitrile
  • Temperature: 40°C -> 120°C



  • Facilitates screen of reaction conditions
  • No glove-box needed to manipulate air sensitive or moisture sensitive reagents
  • Enables up to 32 reaction conditions simultaneously
  • Save substrate using low scale reaction conditions
  • Save time on optimization
  • 2 ml vial with screw cap and stirring bar.
  • Specifically designed reaction block
  • Pre-weighed reagents and catalysts
  • Temperature from 0°C to 120°C
  • Pre-designed or custom arrays available
  • Reagents are packaged under inert atmosphere

Standard Protocol: 50 µmol of substrates in 500 µl solvent (DMF, DMSO, dioxane or acetonitrile, 0.1 mol/L concentration) with 0.1 equivalent of CuI, 0.2 equivalent of  ligand and 1.1 equivalent of base.



CuI / Ligand
No Ligand Phenanthroline S-Proline 1,2-cyclohexane diamine N,N′-Dimethyl ethylenediamine Isobutyrylcyclohexanone
Weak Bases phenanthroline S-Proline Diaminocyclohexane dimethylethylenediamine Isobutyrylcyclohexanone
Cs2CO3 Array HCK1011-01-001

6 catalyst systems & 3 bases



Kit contents: 2 reaction vials of each catalyst system and base, 36 reaction vials total


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