Palladium Catalyzed Amination Kits


Product overview:

The Pd Catalyzed Amination Kits  are ideal tools for the investigation of cross-coupling reaction conditions. This enables to conveniently screen multiple reaction conditions simultaneously using pre-weighed catalysts and reagents. The kit contains all reagents and supplies to perform the reaction conditions. We offer pre-selected arrays of precatalysts and salts or custom arrays depending on your needs.

Palladium catalyzed amination  (Buchwald-Hartwig amination) can be performed using a wide variety of palladium sources, ligands, bases and solvents. We designed 2 kits using a combination of palladium precatalysts with either strong bases or weak bases.



Key variables
  • Pd Source: Pd(OAc)2,Pd(dppf)2Cl2, Pd-Precatalysts…
  • Ligand: Phosphine derivatives, BrettPhos, RuPhos, XPhos…
  • Base: Na2CO3, Cs2CO3, K3PO4, LHMDS, NaOtBu…
  • Solvent: Dioxane, nBuOH, tBuOH, Toluene, DMF, CH3CN…
  • Temperature: rt -> 120C
  • Facilitates screen of reaction conditions
  • No glove-box needed to manipulate air sensitive or moisture sensitive reagents
  • Enables up to 32 reaction conditions simultaneously
  • Save substrate using low scale reaction conditions
  • Save time on optimization
  • 0.3 ml crimped vial with stirring bar.
  • Specifically designed reaction block
  • Pre-weighed reagents and catalysts
  • Temperature from 0°C to 120°C
  • Pre-designed or custom arrays available


Available kits:


 High temperature reaction, compatibility with functional group

We offer 6 different kits that contains numerous palladium catalysts and weak bases





Low temperature reaction, low catalyst loading

We offer 7 different kits that contains numerous palladium catalysts and strong bases





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