Sulfinate Alkylation Diversification Kit

Product overview:

The sulfinate alkylation reaction described by Prof. Baran is a powerful late stage functionalization tool. Our kit allows to conveniently produce in one step 6 different analogues of a lead compound in mg quantities. Each reaction vial contains 100 µmol of sulfinate alkylation reagent (pre-weighed) and a stirring bar to react with 50 µmol of substrate.  C-H functionalization will primarily occur on electron-deficient heteroarenes at one or several positions.


6 Different Diversification Groups
Test Compounds



Standard Protocol:

Several solvents or solvent mixtures can be used to perform the reaction (DMSO, DMSO/H2O/TFA, CHCl3/H2O/TFA… ). A solution of substrate is made with 300 µmol of substrate in 2.1 ml selected solvent. 350 µl is added in each vial followed by 20.8 µl of TBuOOH (70% in water). The reactions are allowed to stir at 50°C for 12-24 hours.


Kit contents (HCK1013-01-001) : 2 reaction vials of each reagents (100 µmol), 12 reaction vials total


Sulfinate Alkylation Reagents (2 Vials of each)
Zinc difluoro methane sulfinate Zinc trifluoro methane sulfinate Sodium
1,1-difluoro ethane sulfinate
Zinc trifluoro ethane sulfinate Zinc isopropyl sulfinate Sodium trifluoro propyl sulfinate
 MW (g/mol) 295.55 331.53 152.10 359.58 279.69 184.11
CAS Number 1355729-38-2 39971-65-8 1422738-67-7 1416821-53-8 1416821-55-0 1263377-91-8

Literature references:
Ming Yan, Julian C. Lo, Jacob T. Edwards, and Phil S. Baran  J. Am. Chem. Soc.2016138 (39), pp 12692–12714
Fionn O’Hara, Donna G. Blackmond*, and Phil S. Baran  J. Am. Chem. Soc.2013135 (32), pp 12122–12134


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