Alkoxylation and Acetoxylation Kits

C-H Alkoxylation is one of the most common C-H functionalization described in literature. Our kit is designed to conveniently screen both alkoxylation & acetoxylation reaction conditions using PdOAc2 as catalyst and several oxidants and additives.

Kit HCK1007-01-001: Includes 2 sets of reagents; Catalyst and oxidant are mixed in the same vial.

Substrate solution is prepared in DMF as one common stock and added to all 4 for solvents. Screen four solvents (methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, and acetic acid) with three reaction  conditions.  10 mol% Pd(OAc)2, 1 equiv. PhI(OAc)2.


Transformation CuOAc2 Ag2CO3
H -> OMe
H -> OEt 10 mol% PdOAc2
H -> OiPr 1 equiv. PhIOAc2
H -> OAc


Kit features: Vials are filled with 10 mol% Pd(OAc)2, 1 equiv. PhIOAc2.

The substrate solution is made in DMF to facilitate the screening of solvents.

Reactions run with 5 µmol substrate per reaction.  50 to 200 µl reaction volume (0.025 M to 0.1 M substrate concentration).  Reactions from RT to 80 C.


Optimization Kit: 5 different salts

It has been reported that salts can improve and promote CH functionalization. Our kit is designed to facilitate screening of multiple salts simultaneously. This kit contains 5 different salts CuOAc2, Ag2CO3, K2CO3, Cs2CO3, and MgSO4.

Kit HCK1007-01-002: Screen 1 solvent with 12 reaction  conditions.  10 mol% PdOAc2, 1 or 2 equivalents of PhIOAc2 with 5 different salts. Prepare one solution in solvent or mixture in DMF if solubility issues.

Array with 12 reaction  conditions

Transformation CuOAc2 Ag2CO3 K2CO3 Cs2CO3 MgSO4
10 mol% PdOAc2 1 equiv. PhIOAc2
10 mol% PdOAc2 2 equiv. PhIOAc2