Phosphonium Coupling Reagent Kit

Product overview:

The amide coupling kits are ideal tools for the optimization of amide bond formation. This enables to conveniently screen multiple reaction conditions simultaneously using pre-weighed reagents. We offer pre-selected arrays of reagents and salts or custom arrays depending on your needs.

Phosphonium reagent kit:

Phosphonium salts are efficient amide coupling reagents.  One key advantage for the use of phosphonium salts over iminium reagents is that phosphonium does not reactive with the free amino group of the amine component.  This allows couplings to occur in equimolar relation between the acid and amine, highly advantageous in situations such as the intramolecular cyclization of linear peptides or examples where excess of valuable amine component is discouraged. We included ethyl (hydroxyimino)cyanoacetate) which can improve reaction rate.

Kit Description:

The kit contains vials loaded with 10 µmol of coupling reagent and a stirring bar and two vials containing ethyl (hydroxyimino)cyanoacetate). Reaction can be performed from 0.2 M in 50 µl to 0.05 M in 200 µl at 1/1 ratio acid and coupling reagent.

Catalog Ref# HCK1005-01-006 ; List price $299


  • 0.3 ml crimped vial with stirring bar.
  • Specifically designed reaction block (in the starter kit HCK1006-01-001)
  • Pre-weighed reagents
  • Temperature from 0°C to 50°C
  • Pre-designed or custom arrays available
  • Reagents are packaged under inert atmosphere
Kit contents:
Name CAS Number Quantity Amount
PyBOP 128625-52-5

2x vial

10 µmol

PyAOP 156311-83-0

2x vial

10 µmol

TPTDP 893413-42-8

2x vial

10 µmol

BroP 50296-37-2

2x vial

10 µmol

PyBrop 132705-51-2

2x vial

10 µmol

DEPBT 165534-43-0

2x vial

10 µmol

ethyl(hydroxyimino) cyanoacetate 3849-21-6

2x vial

70 µmol



Reagent structures:


PyBOPCAS 128625-52-5

CAS 128625-52-5

PyAOPCAS 156311-83-0

CAS 156311-83-0

TPTDPCAS 893413-42-8

CAS 893413-42-8

BroPCAS 50296-37-2

CAS 50296-37-2

PyBroPCAS 132705-51-2

CAS 132705-51-2

DEPBTCAS 56602-33-6

CAS 56602-33-6

Ethyl(hydroxyimino) cyanoacetateCAS 3849-21-6

Ethyl(hydroxyimino) cyanoacetate
CAS 3849-21-6


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