Chemical Diversity

Chemical diversification has long been a vital part of the drug development process. From early stage drug discovery, where unique compounds are needed to learn about SAR, to lead optimization, where modification to lead drug compounds is needed for increased bioactivity or solubility, drugmakers rely heavily on chemical diversity to develop their drug pipelines. Unfortunately, despite the dependence on effective platforms to deliver such diversity, conventional synthetic methods for analogue generation are proving less fruitful than in the past. Rather than generating novel compounds, standard cross-coupling based libraries are increasingly yielding previously discovered compounds. Stemming from the same inherent synthetic limitations, only simple compound modifications at reactive positions are possible. As a result, drug makers are placed in the unfortunate position of relying on inadequate methods of attaining chemical diversity in their drug pipelines.


To address this growing problem, HepatoChem has applied its innovative biomimetic technology to the generation of drug analogues. Using our revolutionary approach, which is both faster and less expensive than conventional methods, drug makers have the ability to obtain truly novel compounds with modifications at previously inaccessible positions.

analogue generation picture

Based on biomimetic catalysis focusing on C-H activation, our chemistry is not bound by the same limitations as conventional methods. Instead, our method presents itself with advanced capabilities, enabling, among other things, the ability to make small modifications to lead drug compounds unachievable through existing methods. This ability to fine tune compounds to the specific needs of each drug maker demonstrates a level of customization made possible only through use of our exclusive technology. Further, since our platform operates through a direct, one-step method, as compared with the multi-step methods of synthetic chemistry, our turnaround time for analogue generation is very rapid.

Whether seeking unique hit compounds or increased bioselectivity on lead compounds, drugmakers can drastically improve the quality of their drug pipelines, potentially saving millions in the process, through HepatoChem’s analogue generation service.