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HepatoChem appoints new project manager

Ryan  Buzdygon, Ph.D., joined the HepatoChem team in November, 2011, as Project Manager. Ryan graduated from Princeton University with a Ph.D. in Chemistry.  His Advisor was Professor John T. Groves, Ph.D. Co-Founder of HepatoChem.  Ryan defended his Ph. D. Thesis: “Modeling Heme Monooxygenases with Cationic Metalloporphyrin in Non-Aqueous Media.”   As you can see, he comes with extensive knowledge and understanding of the HepatoChem platform technology since his thesis research has focused on the synthesis and characterization of cationic metalloporphyrins, metalloporphyrin catalyzed oxidations of radical clock substrates, and metalloporphyrin oxidations of drug molecules for metabolite synthesis.  Many of you met Ryan at the October 2012 AAPS Conference in Washington, DC.

“We are very pleased to have Ryan Buzdygon join us as our new Project Manager,” said Marc Bazin, Co-Founder and President of HepatoChem. Ryan’s extensive background in our company’s core competency and his stellar credentials raise our level of sophistication in drug metabolism and will be instrumental in upgrading our portfolio of services in that area, allowing us to better serve our customers going forward.