Photochemistry Device and Kit



The EvoluChem™ photochemistry device is designed to facilitate photochemical experiment. This device is compatible with most vial formats (0.3 ml, 2 ml, 4 ml and 20 ml vials). Its compact design allows for use with any stirring plate. A built-in fan keeps the reaction conditions at room temperature. (Patent Pending) A photochemical methylation array kit is available in 0.3 ml vial format with pre-mixed reagent and catalysts.

Device with blue light source
(Patent Pending)
  • Light source (kessil blue 34W), other sources can be adapted
  • Photochemistry chamber to evenly distribute light
  • Flexible format vials
  • Magnetic stirring on standard heat/stirring plate
  • Cooling by fan to maintain experiment at room temperature
  • Pre-designed array of catalysts and reagents available
  • Easy setup on a standard stirring plate
  • Perform up to 32 reaction conditions simultaneously
  • Individually sealed vials enable flexible study design
  • Save your substrate using low scale reaction conditions
  • Save time on optimization


Easy setup and compact design


Handle to secure device
on a stirring plate
Unique geometry to focus
light on samples
Air flow to maintain
samples at room temperature
device_handle light_mirrors air_flow_device
Fit multiple vial sizes

Several holders are available that fit different sizes of vials.

32 X 0.3 ml vials


8 X 2 ml vials


3 X 4 ml vials


3 X 8 ml vials


2 X 20 ml vials



Photoredox cross-coupling kits
Multiple Ir/Ni screens available
More information here


Available chemistry array

Photochemical methylation array


 [Ir{dF(CF3)ppy}2(dtbbpy)]PF6 [Ir(ppy)2(dtbbpy)]PF6
50/50 Acetonitrile/TFA 5 equiv. tert-butyl peracetic acid
Acetonitrile (10 equiv. TFA)
Acetic acid (10 equiv. TFA)
Acetic acid/H2O (10 equiv. TFA)


List Price
Catalog Number  Description Price
HCK1006-01-004 Photochemistry device $680
HCK1006-01-005 Blue light source Kessil 34W $270
HCK1009-01-001 Photomethylation kit $320
HCK1006-01-006 32 x 0.3 ml vials photochemistry holder $70
HCK1006-01-007 8 X 2 ml vials photochemistry holder $70
HCK1006-01-008 3 X 4 ml vials photochemistry holder $70
HCK1006-01-011 3 X 8 ml vials photochemistry holder $70
HCK1006-01-009 2 X 20 ml vials photochemistry holder $70


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