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Product overview:

We developed reaction blocks to compatible with our EvoluChem screening kits. These reaction blocks are available with supplies such as decapper or syringe or just by them self.


Available Supplies
Starter Kit

Catalog Ref# HCK1006-01-001

This kit contains 1 reaction block (24x 2ml vial, 32X 0.3ml vial, 4X 2Dram vial), 1 decapper for 8 mm crimped vial and 1 syringe.

List Price $267

EvoluChem Block fits 3 types of vials

Catalog Ref# HCK1006-01-002

1 reaction block (24x 2ml vial, 32x 0.3ml vial, 4x 2Dram vial)

List Price $145

EvoluChem Block  fits 96x 0.3ml vials

Catalog Ref# HCK1006-01-003

1 reaction block (96x 0.3ml vial)

List Price $220

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